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Every Chemical has a Story. DOSE is an one-hour anthology series featuring complex characters driven by desperate needs who turn to risky chemical substances to help them navigate through their deepest fears. This exciting new show delves into the new frontier of psychedelic science to take the viewer on an unexpected trip with Psilocybin, Ketamine, MDMA, Peyote, Ibogaine, LSD, and Ayahuasca as our visionary guides. Are you ready to take a DOSE? Your trip starts here.

In 2010, Peter P Clark’s vision for a dilapidated warehouse at the foot of the Queensborough Bridge would birth ATTIC STUDIOS; a space for emerging photographers and filmmakers to shoot and mingle with like-minded creatives who host parties and events, giving rise to a unique synergistic hub that would bridge the divide between artists and the commercial world that supports them. Since then, ATTIC STUDIOS has become a mainstay of production in NYC and around the world, having hosted hundreds of shoots for some of the world’s biggest brands, major television episodics, print publications with top fashion photographers and more. Through this success, the opportunity presented itself for Peter to finally embark on his lifelong ambition to write and direct his own visions for the cinema. As the founder of The Alliance of GoodTimes Entertainment (TAGE FILMS) and influenced by groundbreaking shows such as Black Mirror, Peter created a television pilot (his directorial debut) for DOSE, an anthology series examining the emerging science of psychedelics. In addition to this, Peter is simultaneously developing DOSE Rx, a multi-season episodic in the style of Grey’s Anatomy. He is also producing a biopic based on the life of Thomas King Forcade, founder of High Times Magazine, currently in development. The only child of an Eastern European refugee and single mother, he has been pursuing socially conscious filmmaking from an early age. He is based in NYC and Miami.

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